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The Office of the Municipal Clerk is the custodian of the official records of the Borough. This position is one of four that is statutory for local government. The responsibilities of the Municipal Clerk vary throughout the State of New Jersey because in many municipalities the duties depend upon the number of employees/departments or the type or form of government within the municipality.

The Borough Clerk’s Office is here to assist you. If you have a question on any issue, please call or email our office. We will suggest the appropriate source for the information that you are seeking.

Some of the primary responsibilities of the Municipal Clerk that do not vary from municipality to municipality are:

Administrative Officer (licenses, searches, public information)

Chief Administrative Officer of Elections within the Municipality

Chief Registrar of Voters within the Municipality

Secretary to the Governing Body

Secretary to the Municipal Corporation



Yard Sales

Yard Sales may be held once a year for 2 consecutive days. A permit may be obtained after completing an application and paying a $3 fee.

Voter Information

Voter Registration Form

Follow the instructions on the form. The mailing address is included.  

Vote by Mail Form

You may apply for a Mail-in ballot if you are a qualified and registered voter by written application to this office. Requirements are that you sign your name as it appears in the registry book. The deadline for such requests is 7 days before any and all elections (Primary, General, School, etc.) Any Mail-in voter who fails to apply by the deadline may apply in person to the office on any day up to 3:00 P.M. of the day before the Election.  

OPRA Requests

The Municipal Clerk is the official custodian of Municipal Records. All OPRA requests must be sent to the attention of the Municipal Clerk.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Notary Services are available. Please call ahead for lengthy documents. 


The Ocean County Board of Election is always looking for District Board Workers please visit their site Ocean County Board of Elections – Become a District Board Worker.



Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses are required for all dogs kept in the Borough. Please bring proof of rabies vaccination and proof of neutering/spaying. The fee is $4.20 for spayed/neutered dogs and $7.20 for non spayed/neutered dogs.

Registrar Services

Getting Married?  Please call and make an appointment to apply for your marriage license.

To get married in the State of New Jersey a couple must apply in the municipality they reside unless they live out of state. If a couple resides out of state, they apply in the municipality they are getting married in.

Applications for marriage must be made at least 72 hours prior to the intended date of the ceremony. Please take into consideration that you will need an appointment and the Registrar’s Office is closed on weekends and holidays.

Application for License

Entering into a Marriage or Civil Union in NJ brochure