Human Resources


The Borough Clerk/Administrator is Mary P. Madonna RMC/CMC/RPPO/CPM

For further assistance, please contact our office staff at (609)494-3064. Please ask for Christine Hannemann or Grace Pitner.


Surf City Department of Public Works

Seasonal, PT/FT, position. Must be 18 years old. 

Under supervision applicants will perform various types of manual laboring work. Applicants must have the ability to learn how to properly use required tools and equipment needed to perform routine, labor tasks, as well as the ability to follow safety precautions in the operations of assigned tools and equipment.  Work is performed in both indoor and outdoor environments.  All applicants must have the ability to walk, sit, stand and drive for periods of time. 

 Applications may be submitted by email to, via mail or in person at 813 Long Beach Blvd Surf City, NJ 08008.  

Surf City is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

Employment application

 Applications may be submitted by email to, via mail or in person at 813 Long Beach Blvd Surf City, NJ 08008 

Surf City is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

  •  Application for Administrative, Public Works and Beach Badge Checker positions, please click HERE.
  •  Application for Lifeguard positions, please click HERE.
  • Application for Police Department positions, please click HERE

Returning seasonal employees

  •   If your contact information has changed since last season please    complete and submit this Employee Information Form.
  •  If you would like to update your Federal Withholding please complete and submit a new W-4 form, please click HERE.
  •   If you need to update your I-9 information please complete and submit this FORM.



Rice Notice for June 2018 – LIFEGUARDS ONLY

Personnel Manual and notices

NEW Seasonal Employees

Once any applicant becomes a prospective employee they will be notified to appear at the Office of the Municipal Clerk to be served with a Rice Notice in accordance with N.J.S.A. 10:4-6 et seq. At that time, the prospective applicant will be given a new employee packet to complete and return. 
All new employees will required to supply and/or complete the following documents which will be included in the employee packet:
  • Identification to satisfy I-9 requirements.
  • I-9 Form
  •  W-4 Form 
  •  Employee Information Form 
  • Sign receipts for the Employee Handbook, Gender Equity Notice, Civil Rights Policy ad Conscientious Employee Protection Act Notice.
  • All Public Works, Badge Checkers, & Lifeguard must present a current physical. 
  • Working Papers (if applicable)
  • Oath of Office